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The NeuroTech Institute is a future-oriented tech accelerator innovating new solutions for neurological conditions.

Everyone deserves a life free from neurological disease


suffer from
neurological disorders


Every 40 seconds.
Someone in the US has a stroke.


Americans suffer from

Restore human potential. Exceed human limitations. Restore human potential. Exceed human limitations.
Our mission
Restore human potential. Exceed human limitations.

The NeuroTech Institute was founded to help people achieve their unlimited potential by developing breakthrough neurotechnologies.

Cyberphysical Solutions

Cyberphysical Solutions

Advanced wearable devices and biocompatible electronics have profound implications for treating neurological disorders. We investigate how these technologies can read and respond to signals from the body to reduce disease symptoms.

Cell Modulation Solutions

Cell Modulation Solutions

For many neurological disorders, the root cause lies deep in the patient’s DNA. We explore the frontiers of gene therapy to discover how designer genes can restore, reprogram or replace damaged cells with unprecedented precision.

Network of the Mind

Network of the Mind

Diseases such as addiction, depression, and schizophrenia are the result of patterns woven throughout the mind. We use new maths to map these unhealthy brain states, as well as the energies to drive patients toward healthier ones.

What we do

Clinical solutions at the speed of innovation

Market-ready treatments to patients - NeuroTech
Our philosophy

Breakthrough neurotechnology meets business viability.

Our collaborative approach unites physicians, engineers and scientists to deliver market-ready treatments to patients.

Bridging the gap
Our approach
Bridging the gap

We challenge the status quo of traditional academic discovery science by viewing problems through the lens of the patient. By starting with the end user, we accelerate validation and adoption, enabling us to translate new discoveries into approved medical treatments faster.

Tim Lucas, MD, PhD, MHCI

Founder & CEO

Lucas is a true unicorn. A subspeciality-trained brain surgeon, engineer, business executive, and Ironman triathlete, Lucas has dedicated his life to defying limits. Our founder leads from the heart with the core belief that all people deserve a life free from suffering caused by neurological disease.

Join the future of neurotechnology

Every mission needs allies

Pioneering physicians, engineers, patients, and partners: Courage alone will not change the course of human history. Shaping the future requires action. Join us and impact our world today.



You’re passionate about building the future. So are we. Collaborate with a team of like-minded thinkers and see your ideas change lives for the better.



We’re seeking surgeons, doctors, and other clinicians to help us explore how never before seen neurotechnologies can improve patient outcomes.

Patients & Families

Patients & Families

Awareness is crucial to anyone suffering with neurological disease. Stay informed of new treatment possibilities relevant to you or your loved one’s condition.

We have raised
Partners & Investors

Partners & Investors

Big missions require bold partners. We’re seeking fellow visionaries to join us in tackling audacious challenges that move humanity forward.

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Ambitious goals, audacious vision, courageous mission and selfless devotion. You inspire us. Be a part of the movement.

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